Ay Grup | Railway Transport

Ay Logistic Demiryolu Taşımacılığı


Railway transportation provides a good solution to the nature as well as providing a good transaction to the customers with the fact that it is more reliable, less risky and less risky, completely eliminated from the risk, no competition on cost and more advantages as a route.

Railways are available in 45 tanks and tandem containers as customers, with 26 tons more preferred than highways. Europe - Benelux - Germany and Austria, mainly in Trieste. When these services are taken into consideration in case of bad weather conditions, the choice of railway becomes more favorable for all cargoes compared to highway.


  • Full Container Loading ( FCL )
  • Partial Container Loading ( LCL )
  • FCL Domestic Services
  • High Tonnage Loads
  • Out-of-Dimension Loads
  • Regular shipping all over the world
  • Weekly consolidations from Turkey and to Turkey