Ay Grup | Personal Effects Transportation

Ay Logistic Zati Eşya Taşımacılığı


We carry out the transportation, customs and adrese delivery services in a fast and reliable manner in accordance with the preferences of our customers to transport in Zati Eşya Taşımacılığı with our expert team members. We deliver personal belongings belonging to our customers from Turkey to any location in the world or from any location in the world, customs and packing to Turkey. In all logistics services we do, we are managing well-experienced foreign language-speaking staff.

At the beginning of the business, we conduct a research in order to learn the preferences and conditions of our customers and we provide an efficient service through this service. After that, our Logistics specialists prepare all necessary documents and start it quickly. We control the processes of packing, loading and stacking for the loading of your personal items and continue with the process of controlling each of our expert staff.

At the end of all this process, we are pleased that we have made this service for you when we deliver it to you with care and safety.
All the conditions and trends in this logistics network are walking in the system you specify.


  • Personal Effect Transportation to EUROPE
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • General Storage Services
  • Precious cargo transports
  • Door delivery including customs clearance
  • Fast and Reliable service