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AY GROUP international online global software market, desktop software, mobile software for many projects and purchase online software, Import-Export Sales Come and serves Turkey is doing, including in the marketplace. It continues to work by foreseeing that international special online or soft installation software will be widely used in our country and will reduce the burden of both the work and the worker in business times and processes.

We choose International Software as a general line of business. We want our special software to be followed by you in order to prevent situations such as general project deficiencies, lack of ease of use, not being suitable for technology and taking longer time than other companies as a work contract.


  • With the Foreign Trade service, we create awareness and trade network all over the world.
  • Foreign Trade Consultancy Service
  • Country-based R&D of the Product to be Sustained
  • International Portfolio of Countries
  • Country Population and Estimated Sales Studies
  • Market Share and Supply Chain Reporting
  • Commercial Policy and Quota Reporting