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About Us

AY GRUP was founded in 1998 by a team of professionals.

On a sectoral basis adopting an integrated service approach to its customers the most appropriate service group of the month of the load in the most economical way to follow up and the ability to control from the starting point to the last point, the right information at the right time, constantly developed high-quality service and Customer Satisfaction-Based, solution-focused operation by expert staff in accordance with the conditions of the age with the logic of combining land, sea, rail, air, warehousing & distribution and supply chain management thanks to a wide network of very well established in the fields of domestic and international agencies;

All kinds of services are provided on time and versatile in the routes of England, Spain, France, Benelux, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Eastern European countries (Serbia, Albania, Macedonia), Middle East, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) .

Ay Logistic Company


To give importance to trainings for the individual development of our employees,, To provide a working environment suitable to the quality system requirements by establishing the necessary technological infrastructure, While satisfying the needs of our customers and our customers in the market effectively and efficiently, As a proactive thinking enterprise, to be restructured in line with customer demands according to different services and needs.


  • Always keep the employee and customer satisfaction at the top,
  • Establish an open and trust-based communication with customers,
  • Adopting all employees as a quality lifestyle from the bottom to the top level
  • By investing in technology and training to comply with the terms of the age.



Continuous Development

At the beginning and end of every work we do, we keep pace with all the changes and innovations and we aim to make a better contribution.

Latest Technology

We process communications, monitoring, software and current events instantaneously. We foresee what the latest technology requires.

Security & Quality

I do not doubt that your confidence and the quality of your mind will work in all of your work. Our biggest trump card; We are fully professional.

Environmental Thought

All vehicles in our vehicle fleet provide contribution to the environment using innovative, environmentally friendly engines in line with European standards.