Ay Grup | Domestic Transport

Ay Logistic Karayolu Taşımacılığı

Domestic Transport

Ay Logistic provides logistic support with vehicles equipped with green and silent engine features, all in line with European environmental protection standards, fleet in supply net under the control of Ay Logistic and warehouse and distribution centers.

Ay Logistic is one of the leading organizations in the industry, who manage with a cargo organizer identity, despite being a fleet manager. Ay Logistic In Domestic Logistics sector, according to the agreements made with the leading branded agencies in Turkey, the desired product is delivered at the desired place according to the total procurement times required by the customers in import and export.

Ay Logistic, with its fast and secure service in its domestic destinations, is in the first place on the list of most wanted people in a short time and keeps its stability.


  • Distribution and Warehouse Services
  • Partial-Complex Loading
  • Daily Scheduled Partial Transports
  • Textile and Garment Transports
  • Frigorific Transports
  • Insurance and Customs Services
  • Home-to-Home Delivery
  • Domestic Storage Services